Bumperite Waterguards Sealable Scaffold Attachments

Bumperite Waterguards Help Prevent Water Intrusion

Technical specifications.Bumperite Waterguard Sealable Scaffold Attachment System were developed to combat moisture intrusion and leaks that are common with traditional scaffold wire ties.

Our patented Bumperite Waterguards are specifically designed to prevent water intrusion. Tests show that Bumperite Waterguards maintain their seal when sprayed continuously with water for 15 minutes at 15 pounds of negative pressure. Moreover, they achieve this result with one component, when traditional wire ties have multiple components and are difficult to seal.

Bumperite Waterguards Are Vastly Stronger Than Traditional Wire Ties

OSHA requires that scaffolds and scaffold components must support at least four (4) times the maximum intended load.

Testing at Smith-Emery Laboratories reveal that Bumperite Waterguards are superior than conventional, double-strand, #12 black annealed, wire-tie assemblies.


Sealed with one component and reduced labor cost due to simplified installation of building materials, with no paper and lath patching required.

Bumperite is 35 times stronger and sealable.

Difficult to seal with two temporary components that penetrate water management system, requiring costly lath and plaster patching during scaffold removal.

Traditional wire ties are weaker.

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US Patent No. 8,316,992 B2 - CA Patent No. 2,590,516